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Frequently Asked Questions for MTs Seeking Employment

What is MTC's minimum experience requirement?
MTC requires that home-based transcriptionists have at least 3 years of medical transcription experience and office-based transcriptionists have no less than 2 years of medical transcription experience for a medical transcription service or in a hospital or clinic setting. Qualified transcriptionists will have experience with various types of work, including histories and physicals, operative notes, consultations, and discharge summaries. Transcriptionists who wish to be considered for specialties must have past experience in that specialty.

How are MTs compensated?
Transcriptionists are paid on production, which may include by the report, by the 65-character line, or by the length of dictation by second. Payment method is determined on a per account basis.

Will I be placed on one or multiple accounts?
All transcriptionists work on more than one account so there is always plenty of work available.

Am I required to provide my own computer?
Yes. MTC will provide any necessary software and assist you with configuration.

Does MTC provide any training and if so where?
MTC provides for up to one week of training to familiarize you with aspects of your job including the accounts you will be working on and the technology platforms used. Training is paid for by MTC and can occur either home-based or at one of our office locations. Throughout your tenure at MTC, there are other opportunities for continued training.

Are there opportunities for career advancement?
At MTC we believe in helping our employees achieve personal and professional growth through their work with us. Opportunities exist for qualified transcriptionists to take on account management, staff training, quality assurance supervising, proofing and editing.

Am I required to work full time?
MTC hires transcriptionists as part-time employees, full-time employees, or independent contractors. Part-time employees must transcribe a minimum of 3500 lines per week, and full-time employees must transcribe a minimum of 8000 lines per week.

Can I receive benefits?
MTC offers comprehensive benefits to its full-time employees, including medical coverage, paid vacation and 401 K. Benefit packages are determined on a per employee basis. There is a three-month probationary period before benefits eligibility for out-of-state (MA & RI) employees.


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