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About MTC

Building on a Successful Reputation

Established in 1992 by a core team of industry experts who began pioneering the medical transcription industry together in 1981, Medical Transcription Corporation (MTC) has grown to become one of the nation's leading medical transcription service providers.

Over the years, MTC has built a reputation for innovative leadership in dictation and transcription. As far back as 1988, several members of MTC's founding team built one of the first transcription platforms ever to interface with existing health, radiology and pathology information systems.

MTC's leading edge use of technology facilitated the company's growth to become New England's largest medical transcription provider servicing many of the nation's largest and most prestigious teaching and research hospitals.

In 1993, MTC became the first medical transcription company to offer remote, real-time online transcription to help facilities such as radiology centers meet extremely demanding turnaround times and security protocols. Today, MTC remains the leading provider of remote, real-time online transcription.

MTC has also played a leading role in the development of voice recognition for use in medical transcription. Members of MTC's current management team worked closely with Kurzweil in 1987 to develop one of the first widely used voice recognition systems. In 2000, Lernout & Hauspie's chose MTC to beta test and support the development of their voice recognition server. In 2002 MTC began working with the world's largest computer company to beta test their newly released voice recognition engine for medical transcription. In 2004, MTC successfully implemented Nuance Communications' Speech Recognition System into its service offerings.

Driven by organic growth, MTC has emerged as one of the nation's most successful, private, and profitable medical transcription companies. MTC's continued growth is fueled by servicing our clients with the highest quality transcription and customer focus, and not by answering to investor interests or Wall Street analysts.


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